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First-day jitters, inclusivity, and an engaging superhero tale all in one.
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- Kirkus Reviews


In the adorable and conscientious picture book Rae’s First Day, a girl with a limb difference has an empowering introduction to kindergarten.
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- Clarion Reviews

Clarion Reviews

The main character comes alive on the page through an engaging graphic format that includes panels and speech bubbles. The author has created a lively main character and an entertaining first book in a series focused on inclusion of disability.
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- Washington Parent Magazine

Washington Parent

Everybody should read this book. Not only is it totally heartwarming, but it empowers people who have disabilities to be the very best they can be. We are all super in our own way.
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- KIDS FIRST! (Dominic, 12)

Kids First!


Such a great book! Well done. Loved it.

- Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwenyth Paltrow

There’s something really, really special about THE CAPABLES. We need all of these stories.

- Patrick Hinds (Host, True Crime Obsessed Podcast)

Patrick Hinds

The Capables will benefit children everywhere, whether they have a disability or not. It’s a beautiful thing.

- Brandi Passante (Storage Wars)

Brandi Passante

The Capables is not just for kids who deserve to have who reminds them of themselves, it’s for other kids to familiarize themselves with it.

- Cameron Britton (Mindhunter, Umbrella Academy)

Cameron Britton


It’s the BEST book I’ve read.

- Ben, 7

Kids reading The Capables

It’s awesome! I can’t wait for the next one!

- Levi, 12

Kids reading The Capables

My favorite part is that Rae is a GIRL superhero!

- Rocky, 5

Kids reading The Capables

I really like the comic style of the book.

I loved it! learned that our differences make us unique!

- Westin, 12 & Waverly, 5

Kids reading The Capables


My 5-year-old daughter has an upper limb difference and this book means more to us than you can imagine. Seeing herself represented in this special children’s book was an important and pivotal moment that she won’t soon forget. I’ll be forever grateful to the author, the illustrator, and everyone involved in this book’s production.

- Eric

The Capables

My 2 year old son LOVES this book. We just got it last week and he wants me to read it every single night before bed. For a 2 year old who doesn’t sit still for very long, this book captivates his attention! I would definitely recommend this book!

- Josh

The Capables

Your book just made my daughter’s day. We just read it and she was amazed that Rae has a short arm like her. She was smiling and so excited..asked when the next one in your series is coming out. Thank you for creating a book for the limb difference community; it honestly means the world to them and to the parents.

- Kat

The Capables

When my husband and I received (this book), we read it to our son Cayden right away. Flipping each page created so many positive emotions. We immediately burst into tears—happy tears. The last time I saw my husband cry happy tears was a little over a year ago when our son was born & when he successfully made it through heart surgery at just 2 months old. We read your book to our son every day. While he may be still so young to even understand his lower limb difference, your book has become one of our personal “mantras” that Chris, myself and our son continue to absorb.

- Nathalie, Mom

The Capables