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Rae’s First Day (ebook)


Rae’s First Day is the award-winning first book in The Capables inclusive children’s book series.

Please note: This version of our book will be delivered via email as a password protected ebook in Adobe – PDF form.


Rae is like many five year olds with one BIG exception: she has a super-secret superpower. Unlike her limb difference, which is visible for all to see, her superpower is something she has never shown anyone before. But it’s her first day of school and her classmates are in need. Will she keep her power to herself…or use it to help her new friends?


The Capables are a group of super-capable kid superheroes all of whom have a super capability or “cape.” Each Capable’s superpower is activated through empowerment.

Created by television producer Danny Jordan––the dad of a child with an upper limb difference––The Capables is an entertaining, educational, and engaging children’s book series, with a focus on inclusion of disability.

Each story in the series aims to accurately and responsibly represent disability. The Capables’ Advisory Board plays a vital role in ensuring the stories, along with the language and illustrations used, are appropriate and support positive progress.

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